Thursday, March 29, 2012

A bit of vintage onThursday

  I have been away from the computer for awhile..  James,my oldest grandson  moved in this past weekend to stay for awhile with me. I had his brother for several months until he got a place of his own.. It is really hard for young people to find work that pays enough so they can be self-reliant.  It is good to have someone else in the house (makes me feel safer) and for conversation as the cat doesn't have a lot to say except "feed me" or "I want out"  James said he will help with the lawn work--yeah!!

   It's been sometime since I posted on vintage and I wanted to share this

   I have this old planter that is called  " Goldilocks".    It has NAPCO  1956 on the bottom of it.


  She is a treasure I have had for sometime..  She carries the story book with her.

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 Still having some spring weather here in Michigan ,although not as warm as last week
.. I stepped out back and snapped this picture
   Enjoy this day ....and share your smiles with everyone.


  1. I LOVE your Goldilocks planter! She is just adorable.



  2. That planter is definitely a keeper. I have not seen one like it before.

  3. I love the Goldilocks planter. It is just darling. I hope it is a happy time with James living under your roof. I imagine someday we will do that for some of our own grandkids! xo Diana

  4. I think it's wonderful, that you have your Grandson living there, for awhile. I can see how it makes you feel better, to have him living in the house.

    And you can spoil him, with home cooking. :-)

    "Naps are nature's way of reminding you that life is nice---like a beautiful, softly swinging hammock strung between birth and infinity." ~Peggy Noonan

  5. We've cooled down a bit over here in Central Wisconsin too.

    I was already 3 when your little Miss Goldilocks had her debut!

  6. Miss Goldilocks is truly a treasure!

  7. How cute is that Goldilocks planter. It's really neat that she has the Three Bears Book...know for sure who she is suppose to be. Good for you and your Grandson....nice to have them around. Mine are still little guys, but sure do enjoy them when they come for a visit.

  8. Wonderful post. So glad you can open your home to your grands .I am posting for the next few weeks on my trip to Europe hope you can stop by! Blessings, Debbie

  9. Love Goldilocks and I'm glad you have our grandson there. sandie

  10. I'm sure you and your grandson will enjoy each other's company. Our Alabama weather is still nice and springlike. I'm enjoying it. Love the pictures of little Goldilocks and the beautiful purple flowers.

  11. She is so sweet! Napco made so many really cute items, I have trouble resisting them when I see them for sale. Visiting from Vintage Thingie Thursday.

  12. What a sweet little lady! I always try and rescue these types of things when I see them. Happy VTT!