Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday, October 1, 2012

Blue for Lions

Today is blue Monday and I have been absent for while as you can read in previous blog. Today I am showing you a pair of hand painted tennis shoes a friend does for sports teams .. These our for the Detroit Lions and of course she made some for the Tigers.

Hope everyone will have a nice week..
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The little things

Its the littles things that makes a different, so treasure it. don’t wait till its gone cause once its gone, it’ll never return .....   that is  when you’ll realize how much you should of appreciated it from the start.


    Have a nice day everyone

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A visit from someone who's been absent

   I have not been on my blog for ever so long.. As many of you knew my sister was in a bad car accident around mid July.  She was transferred to a home for a month after being in the hospital..there she got rehabilitation exercises and this week she was able to come home ...that is she is staying with a sister until she is able to heal more and return to a place of her own and return to her job.  I do want to thank all who sent cards to her. She said they really helped when she had bad days..
             I have been rather lazy this summer when it came to the computer.  I read some and visited children and their families.  We all remember how HOT it was.  ..
working out in the flower garden was unbearable unless you did it in early morning.


    Fall is in the air here and the birds are flocking.  I see lots of robins when I visit my friend in the country..his back yard is often filled with them. Time to put away the summer clothes and bring out something warmer.  The outside furniture must be stored in barn as soon as the son visits and time to plant the new tulip bulbs I bought.
   There is some other sadness in my life at present. My daughters step- daughter has leukemia.  She is only 34 and has three of the nicest  boys.   She has been in the hospital for a month now. She is getting chemo and a pint of blood now and then..
Lots of heartbreak for the whole family.   The other is my friend Nancy whom I have been friends with for forty years has lung cancer and it is terminal.   I visit her most every day..    Waiting and watching someone you care for is hard...she had hospice come this week and got the paper work started.. makes it seem more real now .

     I will catch up some on reading blogs and I hope my friends have all been well.

         Happy pink weekend to all.

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