Friday, March 2, 2012

March Pink Madness and the winner of giveaway

We all know it is time to visit our hostess for a showing of pretties when our pink clock ticks slowly toward Saturday.   

 Why do they call it March madness.. I didn't know really...

March Madness refers to the excitement of the final few weeks of the college basketball tournament in the United States that features many major schools. It is called March Madness simply because there are so many games going on throughout the country, usually during the same time, in rapid succession during the month of March. Teams that win must not celebrate too much, as a loss means the end of the season. The NCAA basketball tournament is a single elimination event.

 Of course the stores all get in on a March madness sale.

 And now that we have that bit of informtion out of the way lets get on with my pink Saturday post

 I will stretch and yawn and climb out of bed in my pink pj's

  Head into my lovely pink kitchen

and make me a delicious cup of coffee  ...of course my cup is pink on Saturdays's

I like this one  cup in particular with some pink flowers and a yellow cat like mine.  Summer  will find my cat laying in the flower garden closer to the warm earth and birds.

  After catching up with the pink shares   at

 and so many more on our hostess Beverly's  web page             

I am now ready to sit by this very special teapot lamp  I found
while surfing on a page with teapot lamps.. Isn't it just so clever?

   I also want to announce the winner of my  Angel vignettes...  .  The winner is 

 Aledia from  

I hope she finds many uses for these sweet little angel pages

   Now back to more pinks for this Saturday.

 Enjoy this day and let us remember to say a few prayers for those who lost have lost so much in this  weather in the south that has spawned so many deadly tornadoes .. May they have much spiritual  peace and guidance along with the help of many friends.


  1. Love each pink & the kitchen is my fav. Yes, may those suffering through these horrible storms be safe.

    I hope you will pop by to help us bring 'angel love' for a young girl who is sick.

    Thank you.
    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

  2. Oh, I so want that teapot lamp!!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. I think I would like to have that first pink room color - so pretty. sandie

  4. Hi Elaine....Wow! Lots and LOTS of pink! Love your new header, too. Very pretty. Susan

  5. A very pretty pink showing for today.

  6. Elaine- I think those are some of the prettiest Pink Images I have ever seen. I LOVE that pink bed. One of my friends had a pink kitchen for years and I just loved it. Congrats to Aledia, too! xo Diana

  7. Love the pink rooms, the kitchen is my favorite. I really like the tea set lamp too, so fun. I am you newest follower, hope you will stop by and visit. Thanks, Laura

  8. Elaine,
    I am SO thrilled to have won the Angels Vignettes and I can not wait to use them!! My CP will not allow me to open up the program needed to send you an e-mail from your blog page. My email is if you can drop me a quick note then I can reply back with my address. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

    I have also seen that tea lamp and fell in love with it!! I would love to make one! All of your pinks are perfect.

    Thank You again so much! Have a wonderful night!

  9. Hi Elaine, I love the lamp. It is unique. Your pinks are so pretty. I think the lamp is my favorite picture. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

  10. Wouldn't it be fun to be dropped into the pink paradise you've created with your pictures? I don't think I'd ever want to leave home.

    We got storms yesterday in our part of Alabama but, thankfully, were spared any damage. Today has dawned beautiful and cool though. The birds are out singing their praises and I soon will be too (after I finish my cup of coffee. :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. And congratulations to Aledia!

  11. Hi Elaine, Love all of your pinks, especially the couch! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  12. WOW, I love all your pics but I am especially fond of those nifty blue floral shoes quietly being awesome under the sofa in the teapot lamp pic.

    Happy Pink to you!!

  13. Congrats to the winner! Love your Pink Post Elaine and that teapot floor lamp... WOW! How creative!!!

    Have a grand weekend - hugs, Sherry

  14. Happy Pink Saturday!
    It is always nice to see what each lovely lady is up to...and the creativity that flows...I pray that you all have a blessed week !
    Please come by my blog anytime...I love having you!
    God Bless......Kandy

  15. Isn't that teapot the cutest thing? It sure is! I've never seen one before, so thanks for sharing that. I have that same flower clock, only mine is blue. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment on my spring table....Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. oh swoon...that tea lamp is so pretty and whimsical. Love it. Congrats to the lucky winner of your giveaway xo

  17. Elaine, it is a sure thing that you are a Pinkie. smile. the teapot lamp is amazing. I love the pink hearts as well

    Congrats to Aledia for her nice giveaway win.

    Happy belated PS.
    xo, Jeanne

  18. I love the pinks. That teapot lamp is adorable! I LOVE that pink kitchen.