Friday, February 3, 2012

Dog -gone and a Birthday

So busy the last few days and I didn't get a chance to really work on a post for this week.  Here are a couple of things going on here at my place

       As many of you know my grandson got a new puppy. The other night while licking or nuzzling my ear he got my earring off and swallowed it.. Gone before I could do a thing. Needless to say we have been on poop watch and he did pass it.  I'm so glad they were small studs. I won't be letting him ear my ear again.

This evening I spent with family having a birthday dinner with my granddaughter (who is a petite young lady)) and  turned twenty-four. She still looks like she is eighteen and I remember the night she was born.  Dark black hair that disappeared and turned blonde..   Her eyes so bright it reminded me of a deer caught in the headlights of a car...   

  I am joining Bevery from How Sweet the Sound for the showing of pink from around the world.

   Love will be in the air with Valentine's day  

     I love getting  comments so stop and say "hi." 
      Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Yikes! Glad to hear the earring came out the other side. :) I didn't know a movie was being made from the Janet Evanovich books. I'm sure I've missed some in the series since we didn't come to the States last summer. I can't even remember the last one I read. How many are there now? That's a nice picture of Jasmine. Have a great weekend. Love, T

  2. Your granddaughter is so sweet looking I could just hug her! I am laughing about the pup! I think you need a new "boyfriend" if you're gonna let them nibble on your ears! xo Diana

  3. Oh that is so funny!!!!!!! The puppy licked your earring right off!!!

    Ahhhh yes... *Pooper Watch*! -giggles- Glad it passed!!!!!!!! Those little things may be little... But they could be *ouchy* too. ,-)

    What a beautiful young lady!!! Very Happy Birthday Wishes to her...

    "Nothing is so fatiguing
    as the eternal hanging on
    of an uncompleted task."


  4. What a sight that would have been with all of you digging in the dog poop. I am sure you gave it a VERY goo d cleaning. Your granddaughter is gorgeous.

  5. Hi Elaine, thanks for stopping by. I have been following you but I had a death in the family and trying to catch up on so many things. First Iwant say your Granddaughter is beautiful. What a lovely young lady. Lucky you to have such a sweety in your life. And second, looks like we have the love of Valentines in common! Do you belong to the Valentine collectors association? Just wondering...have a great weekend..

  6. HPS~ What a pretty young lady!!!
    Gypsea Nurse

  7. Oh I love your header! Your pink posts are always lively! Your grand girl is gorgeous! Have a happy Friday!