Friday, March 23, 2012

Cardboard box gardening. and some rain.

  It's raining here and I have spent some time sitting in my recliner and reading.
My twin sister sent me a subscription to Bird's and Bloom magazine.. I have found some many wonderful ideas and money saving tips in every issue.. One that caught my eye was about cardboard gardening. Looks interesting...I might give it a try this summer.

To read more on the article and how to go to  about it check here

   I also found and article on making your own seed starter pots out of news paper.
They break down and a great way to recycle  your newspapers.

You can check it out here

This picture was taken by my friend Sally . This is a view she sees in her back yard..
Isn't it beautiful?

 We do so need the rain here in my area.. I'm not going to complain.
 Back to reading and a bit of TV and my night is done.

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  1. Nice photos, Elaine. That magazine sounds like it has a lot of nice ideas. Thanks for sharing. Susan p.s. LOVE your header...such beautiful images and colors.

  2. Really nice post, Elaine. Excellent idea for seed pots! Good for the environment, and enriching to the soil.

  3. Great post!! My husband made a cardboard box garden recently. We will be semi residents in the Houston area this growing season as my daughter is having quadruplets. We plan on getting our camper cleaned out and up and moving it down here for the next year or so. Hence his cardboard box garden where he can grown and transport his beloved tomato and pepper plants. Such a creative idea!!! Pretty soon EVERYONE will be doing a little of this!

  4. Great ideas for planting. Maybe I should try the newspaper one with the coneflower seeds I have from a friend in Colorado. I would like to see if they will actually grow but keep forgetting to plant them. Need to go get some potting soil first. Maybe next weekend... when we will begin our Spring Break. None of our travel plans worked out so we will be staying home. Fine by me as I have lots that I can do here.

    Scientists are saying that all the unusual warm temperatures are causing problems. Things that aren't supposed to be blooming are ... like apple trees. If there is another sudden freeze, they could all die. Bees and bugs are out and about but they don't have food because there is no pollen. No one realizes that the whole ecosystem relies on the seasons and when that is our of sync, everything changes.

    Have a great weekend. Love, T

  5. I love the cardboard box container!! I am so trying this. Your friend has a nice view for sure. It is raining here in North Florida this Saturday morning, thank the Lord!

  6. Cardboard box gardening! Interesting!!!!! Thank you for the link.

    Or should I thank your twin sister? She who sent the magazine to you? :-))))

    And speaking of your twin sister, I do hope you will email me, concerning being-a-twin. I am fascinated by the topic of twins. But never *talked to* a twin.

    Please and thank you...

    "All gardening is landscape painting."

    ~William Kent

  7. I just read that same article...have my boxes ready to get started. One of our 7 g-kids is coming next weekend so we will be filling them up! great post.

  8. What a pretty view.. you can send a little of that rain to Savannah...I'm off to read about the box garden.. Thanks for sharing.. Have a wonderful week.. hugs, Cherry

  9. I love Birds and Blooms. Such a beautiful magazine.