Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bag geraniums and wild violets

I just love this weather we are having...near 75 degree days when we usually have 40's and a bit of snow and cold winds.. This evening I took a walk around the back yard and I spotted this group of wild violets in bloom.         

I also spotted a tiny batch of miniature daffodils.  One of my favorite.. There are some hyacinths really  and maybe as early as tomorrow. Can't wait to see.


        I also got brave and put out a few geraniums that I had saved from last year.. In the fall before   the frost gets them I pull them from the pot and shake off the dirt and put them in a brown paper bag and take them to the basement where they won't freeze and then bring them out when the weather gets nice the following spring..
Has any of you tried this method?  I have always had pretty good luck.

 Below is a few I put in the can see the new leafs starting to green up and  the plant is coming back to life. 

This one had already started to flower in the bag..     I am hoping we get no frosty weather now but if we do I will cover them..believeme,  I will baby these into nice plants.   Later this summer I will share a picture when they have grown into bigger plants.

 I hope all of you is enjoying nicer weather than normal...of course my grandson is in Gallop New mexico and they had a snow day Monday.. He is ready to come back to some of our warm days with no snow.


  1. Love the violets, so lovely a greeting. Yes, I have tried this & it does work ... but now I just repot them & put them under lights in the garage. They bloom all winter.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Nothing says 'Spring' like the flowers do!
    Unless it is the weather which acts quirky!
    Glad you are enjoying the weather, flowers and warmer days!
    Happy Spring to YOU!!

  3. Love, love, love wild Violets!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs...

    "I have made it a rule never to smoke more than one cigar at a time..."

    ~Mark Twain

  4. I have never tried that method of saving plants.
    We are about to get some tulips if it don't decide to frost this year.

  5. I love violets-they are my favorite small Spring flower. What a lovely post- xo Diana

  6. What lovely spring flowers you have, Elaine!

  7. Geraniums will be on our porch very soon...I love their fresh scent!!