Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Expert on Love

I was sorting through old DVDS and came upon one of Pepe. I thought you might remember our smelly lover .

Love is in the air and the expert on love of course is ....Pepe Le Pew. He has so much love to Give away and can't find a willing partner...I wonder why?

                 Enjoy this little video with music and the great cartoon lover

Have a great day and share a smile with a strange and make their day.


  1. Elaine, this little video and music made my morning smile! Thank you for posting it!

  2. I sooo remember this the first time around! LOL...Everyone needs a little Pepe in their life! Happy Sunday, my dear! xo Diana

  3. We could have used a Pepe at school today spreading love around as there were a bunch of humbugs that were bringing everyone down. Hope you are well and having a good day. Love, T

  4. Goodnight elaine! I loved this video. It made me smile! :)