Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take a Blue Mosaic day of Rest

                 I know lots of  you blogers stayed up late and watched the super bowl and are now needing a morning of rest.

    We need to pamper ourselves  after entertaining and serving chips, dips, and refreshments to all those rowdy football fans.   Maybe a cup of tea from these great teapots .

 Today I am showing with Sally

    and Mary  from

Years ago when I was working I remember many of my fellow workers would take the Monday off after super bowl and I imagine many still do. I must admit I didn't stay up late but for those of you who did.. Take a break....and enjoy the day if you can.

   Loved the little dog called " Here we Go'  in the beer comercial


  1. Awesome blue chair. I can relax for sure. ^_^

    What A Sky

  2. I am off to bed soon here, Elaine. I have to pack up and clean the house before I leave for Florida on Tuesday. That Here WE Go commercial was my favorite I think. What a comical little dog he was! xo Diana

  3. I'll try to remember this and pamper myself some tomorrow! Lovely chaise! ♥

  4. Elaine, we only watch the last half of the was an exciting one this time alright. It seemed like a real "upset" I think...but I honestly don't know much about football.
    Thank you for stopping by my did you find me ?


  5. Oh, Elaine, I want to come and sit in that chaise! Love your blues!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Beautiful teapots and the blue lounger is the perfect place to recline with tea and a favourite magazine.

  7. Love the new Valentine Blog Look here!!!!!!!

    My husband, sons and "grands" watched next door. I listened to music and read my book. At 10pm, I checked in and Eli/Giants were Celebrating.

    How sweet it was! Without the tension of watching the whole game. -grin-

  8. Oh, I am so loving each of those teapots! Happy BM!

  9. Love the teapots.
    I did not stay up to late, but I always wish I could have Mondays off.
    I Loved watching those Pepe cartoons.
    I was very disappointed in the commercials they put on this year.Was a big waste of money in my opinion.

  10. I need all of them to relax me and to warm with a cup of tea or more?

    Visiting for Blue Monday! Hope you can stop by:)

  11. Oh, I can see myself sitting in that gorgeous blue chair sipping a cup of tea. Wonderful mosaic.

  12. My three daughters and I are having a tea party this Spring! Rebekah and Hannah and I got new hats! They are so sweet! My daughter Noelle has a Mad Hatter Hat. It is the one Johnny Depp wore in Alice in Wonderland. She won first prize at a bridal shower last Spring when her friend married. It was a Ky. Derby theme Bridal Shower! It is a fun hat! SO I like this post aobut pampering yourself and having tea and such! SIgh! Spring time will soon be here! Hugs to you! Anne