Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tea Invite

Another snow fall and I am wondering what to do with myself today.
  It's to cold and nasty to be outside.

I thought I would have a tea party and invite anyone who would like to come.  Did I see a friend
perk up her ears when she heard tea party?    Silly rabbit..  I know it's not the tea she is after.

 I think she wants to nibble on this flower arrangement
in the pretty tea cup.     That's okay ..I don't mind.

  I hope those of you who are snowbound are finding plenty to do.. I have some great books to read after my guests leave.        


  1. Better to stay home safe and snug as a bug! Wrap yourself up in a blanket, prop your feet up, enjoy a hot cup of tea and read, read, read. Enjoy! Love ya, Tammy

  2. Oh Elaine I would run over this very minute! I love tea parties! This was a sweet post and encouraged me. Stayed up way too late last night watching mindless t.v. Now I am in for a busy hectic workday! Hee Hee! Love and Hugs Anne

  3. Hello Elaine,
    What a cute post! Love the bunny and the teacup planter! It's winter here on the Island as well with lots of snow around. A hot cup of tea is just right. You're welcome to stop by for my tea party too. Would love to have you!


  4. I just happen to be sitting here at work with a cup of tea. It would be more fun to have company however.
    I love the lil rabbit.
    It is freezing rain and then later it is to do more snowing.YUCKY!!!
    Stay warm and keep reading.

  5. Fun post, Elaine!

    It's actually 40 degrees here today. Woo-hoo! Unfortunately, it is also raining.

    Have a great day! La

  6. I too am sitting at the desk with tea in hand.

    I really like your teacup flower pot.

    Have a great Day.


  7. That was so cute. Google reader ate my blog list so I just found out how to recover my followers.