Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monday and the blue of home

  Today is Monday and the day to show something blue.  This sign is posted as you enter the town where I live.   Lots of blue in it.

 I am surrounded by blue water. There is the Grand River less than a mile to the south of me and the lake from which our village gets it's name Spring Lake northwest of me  .  And then three miles west of my home you can travel out to Lake Michigan.  Below is a bird's eye view of our town and all the water surrounding it.

 The summer is never dull around here. The city of Grand Haven always has weekend events planned.
  Kite flying at the beach and volleyball tournaments on the beach, sand sculpture contest, musical events and so much more   Starting this week the town will host the 87th  annual Coast Guard festival. 
 There will be plenty to see and do. Nightly entertainment at the waterfront stadium and a carnival, quilt show and a two day art and Craft show with vendors from far and near.  The festival will end Saturday with a big parade and a huge fireworks display.   There is plenty of shops for those Who wants to buy or browse and many great places to have a meal  or a cool beverage.  Might I say that traffic gets a bit crazy   about this time.   My home is about a block from the main road through the village and I watch traffic back up for miles some days.. Maybe that is why many of the local citizens choose this time to leave town. 

  Hope everyone is having a wonderstart start to a new week



  1. Nice post about the area. You know we leave town when we can. I deleted my blog...and started a new one... just like me huh? I was having problems and doubts about the old one. The new one will be less personal.

  2. That areal view is amazing. Really shows how much water is around there. I was gonna mention that something is wrong with Gwen's blog but I see her comment and now I know why. :/ Hope all is well. Love, T

  3. lots of beautiful blues you are so right

  4. What beautiful blues all around you.
    I would love to be able to go to a beach.
    Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  5. Your blues are just gorgeous. I love the story you tell here too. I will keep your always in my prayers because I know you have had a rough patch health wise. Please know how well loved you are. Anne