Sunday, July 31, 2011

Words for this Sunday

Words to heal and believe in

It is getting to the point where I hate to read a newspaper or turn the TV on. So much killing, cruelty, and famine in the world not to mention so much depression caused by the lack of work in our economy and the deterioration in our families. We need more Prayer -Faith, Love and Hope.

Remember when we sit down for our meal today to think of those who are going without and be so ever thankful for what what we have ...whether it be food on our table, love of family or good health. God Bess you all today


  1. Lovely share, Elaine ... & so true. Gratitude to God above.
    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~

  2. Truthfully, there's always been awful things happening, we just hear about it more now. A reminder that we must always count our blessings and do what we can to help when possible. Hope you are well. Love, T

  3. This was a beautiful post. Elaine you are such a terrific and kind lady. When I come and go from work I drive by a school that has a banner outside. They serve breakfast and lunch in the summer. It is F R E E and I know my own children know many kids were would have been hungry all day had it not been for these types of programs. I just trust in Him. Because I know one day we will all share in His glory. But the condition of our world is so sad. Thanks for your beautiful post.