Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello again friends

  I have tried several times to get back on my blog and it seems there was a bug in it also and I saw many of the bloogers were having problems.
 This Sunday morning I thought I would try one more time and the lord took pity on me and oped it up. . " Thank You"  I have missed visitiving and reading what everyone has been doing.

This summer I have often felt like this little doll who sits so forlorn and wants to go out to play but can't because the doctor said not lifting or straining.
 The path to feeling well again is getting shorter. ( I hope.) It's been three months and I missed most of the summer. I thought I was on the mend but the surgeron left some voodo in his stitches and everytime I turned  around it was more blood work and more scat is a thing of the past. the mere mention of it make me sick to my stomach ...needless to say I've slimmed twenty five pounds off this frame.  Next appointment is in two weeks an I hope in a few weeks I will know the cause and be able to get on with life.

   Enough of that I have read some good books and taken a few walks and got to hold the new great grand -grandson.  Flower garden got some work done by having the older grandsons move rocks and things arounds.


  1. I had to enlarge the screen to be able to read what you wrote here. I can't change the font or color in my text either but thankfully what I have works and I'm not even gonna try to change anything on my blog at this point. :/ Hope you figure out what's happening and get some relief. Love ya, T

  2. Blogging is good for us.. isn't it? I am glad you are up and doing it again.

  3. I wil always pray for you. Life can be so stressful with our health issues. I am glad you are getting to do some fun things. Holding a new great grand! Wow! Then reading is my passion so I know you can get lost in a good book. Enjoy and have a good summer because I think we have some of it left. Anne