Thursday, June 9, 2011

So long away and still trying to recovery

I have been gone from blogging for quite some time.  I thought I'd share a bit since my last post.

My gardens have gotten away from me this year and I have had to hire someone to come once a week and mow and do odd jobs until I can again do for myself.  I love that my flowering shrubs as they need little attention and produce for me along with the perennials   The picture below I took  in the late evening.
 The small bird has returned to make a nest in my church birdhouse.

    Another sign that all was well with the world

 My stray cat Buster is still with me and is always under foot.  I did find him napping one morning in the sun on this old mat I put out for him.

 My grandson has returned home from his C-men training in Cafifornia  only to find trouble on the home front.. I feel so terrible for him..especially when a child is envolved   Time will see what developed with this  Prayers needs for  the family                                                                                  .

    The surgery I had in April has taken it's toil on me. Little did I realize how major it was.  I was not prepared for it's after effects and now feel like another person has  invaded my body...but no turning back now.  Of course there is a new me as the weight just drops off when you can't eat or are not hungry. I must learn a whole new health regiment ... new diet, exercise and learning when to say I'm tired and need rest.

I often feel forlorn like the doll above.  Isn't she cute. I found her at the thrift store.. $8.00 brand new with her tags attached and waiting for a new home. I  have put her on a chair and she is part of my new window display.

I have just returned from my friend Nancy's who made me a special supper and some strawberry shortcake. It has always been a tradition for us to share this this way.     

 I hear it thundering and hope we set the rain as we need it. 

 Will be trying to catch on on blogs since I feel some better

Looking forward to having you all drop by for a visit,

May everyday be a better one than the  day  before
star and hearts


  1. Elaine, I do hope that you will start feeling better with each given day.
    At first glance I thought the was a child sitting in that chair.
    Your cat sure does look like he has the life of riley!!!
    Nice to have you back

  2. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Eating healthier will certain aid in the process of healing. Buster is looking as happy as a clam. And your yard looks great when everything here is brown and wilting from the heat. Looking forward to my lazy days of summer that will officially begin next Wednesday. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  3. Hi Elaine

    I am so glad to see you are starting to feel a bit better... I have missed you in blogland. I was away for atime too with surgeries....I am about to use the fun little gliter tags you sent to me as a gift.. in a journal about me.. will show you when I get it done... please know I think of you often and feel better my freind...gentle hug just for you... :D

  4. Oh how this reminds me of my mother, she collected dolls and would dress them up in little outfits! I miss her as she has been with the Lord now for 11 years.

    I pray for your full recovery soon. Maybe this is one of those times where "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures?"

    Peace In Jesus,
    & remember, we are...
    Never Forsaken

  5. What is that flowering shrub? Sorry, your font is so small, I had a hard time reading it. Maybe just my

  6. Hi Elaine, I am glad that you are feeling a little better. It seems to take longer to recuperate after surgery as we get older or at least me. I have been keeping you in my prayers and keep praying that those who need it will soon be better. Have a great week Your Missouri friend.

  7. Hi, I am praying you are feeling better very soon. Glad to see you posted again. Kitty is so very cute and the doll is pretty.

  8. Oh Elaine that darling doll is making my heart skip a beat! She is gorgeous and she found the perfect home with you letting her sun in the window! LOve it!