Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's trip to Hobby Lobby

 Greeting this blue Monday to all my friends.  I went to hobby Lobby this morning looking for beads and I spotted these blue china figurines while walking to the back


 I do like the rooster since I have no blue ones in my collection


                       How about these sweet little sleeping kittens ?

  I did get some beads to make another bracelet

I picked out several blue packs this time.

     And can anyone guess what else I found?

 No blue Santa but there is plenty of Christmas decorations up. for you who can't wait to do your Christmas tree ornament shopping.. I do think they are rushing us a bit.
 With the hot weather it's hard to think snow and Santa.

       Stop and visit awhile with our other blue participants   at the home of Sally our hostess                


  1. I do love those blues; thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Elaine.

  2. Gorgeous! visiting from Blue Monday.

    My BLUE post, come and see when you get a chance.

  3. Do you suppose Santa's blue because he's not making his rounds yet? :)

    “Fill My Cup with Blue”

  4. I like how you changed up your blog. My kitchen is filled with all my blues and whites. Christmas in July ... I wonder how your winter will be since you are having such a hot summer. Nothing can be predicted anymore, it seems. Have a great day. Love, T

  5. Hi Elaine, I know what you mean when you talk about rushing it for Christmas. If I bought this early, I would put it up and then forget where I put it. I saw your blue rooster at our Hobby Lobby. I like your header. Have a wonderful day and stay cool. Your Missouri Friend.

  6. Santa Claus items already! Now that is RUSHING the Season. -sigh- But then, I suppose some crafty people, do winter things ahead of time, in summer. :-)

    New blog look here. Lighter and more summer-y looking. I like it. :-)

    "I want to have a little house with sunshine on the floor,
    A chimney with a rosy hearth, and lilacs by the door;
    With windows looking East and West, And a crooked apple tree,
    And room beside the garden fence for hollyhocks to be!"

    ~Nancy Bird Turner

  7. I must say that it is to hot to thing about Christmas shopping already.
    Love that rooster for sure.

  8. The Hobby Lobby in my town already has all the Christmas on display. I think it's just too early, we are still in the middle of summer.

  9. Hey ya - love the chickens in your header photo!!!

    Goodness, those Santas are out early! I always have trouble realizing that Australia celebrates Christmas in the summertime. That's so hard to grasp, isn't it?

  10. No! too soon for santas. :)

  11. All that blue is making me smile! Then those Santa's! Oh My Goodness! December is nearly here! Take care of yourself. You are such a gem!