Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy pink weekend

  We all know the phrase "The hills are alive with music".   Today I want to show you "the hills are alive with flowers".   I make a trip to my favorite thrift store in Muskegon this morning.  The freeway leading into town has been planted with lots of spring flowers . The embankment from the road to the top of the hill is a rainbow of flowers.  I pulled up along the edge and took these from inside my car..   what a great way to welcome the motorist along this stretch of highway.



                   Are they not beautiful?  Spring has come early to many parts
          of the country..  

                          Here is my find at the thrift store.. I love this magazine and it is not in print and they are hard to find so when I found these I bought all they had.

                                Here is one more picture of  the tulips in the town.
                   The city of Holland to the south of where I live has a tulip festival in May
     but I am afraid the flowers will have all bloomed before then..


  Enjoy your weekend I am am praying that you who live in the midwest are safe from the storms  that are approaching your part of the country.


  1. Elaine-Those pictures are just priceless and so beautiful. I love to see cities taking pride in their plantings.

    I LOVE that magazine and wish I had saved more of the copies I had. I heard that they might start publishing it again. I loved the paper dolls in there for my grandkids. xo Diana

  2. Ahhhh, the flowers are lovely, Elaine, especially the red ones. I never get tired of looking at flowers. I think they are the magic in our lives. This magazine looks so fun and colorful. It reminds me of Mary Englebreit, my favorite.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. What georgous spring pretty. You really scored big with the vintage issue of Home Companion, I kept most of my back issues and I still love to look at them.

  4. Flowers planted along a highway! It doesn't get much better than this! Wisdom, on the part of whomever did this.

    Mmmm, those old magazines. I remember her mag. Thought I read someplace, that Mary E. was thinking of doing a mag, again.... But.......

    Peter: You're a good guy.
    Lincoln: Yeah. I'm a good guy.

    (quote from "Fringe" dialogue)

  5. Wow! The flowers on the highway are gorgeous! And what a find with those Home Companion magazines. Wow! There's a lot of folks who would love to get their hands on those. Hope all is well. Love, T

  6. The flowers are beautiful! I would love to have those Home Companion magazines Awesome! I hope your week will be wonderful.