Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pink Saturday greeting

Below are some of the pinks things that has been me pleasure since I have been home bound this summer. This sweet lunch setting caught my eye while browing the web..What a lovely place to meet with girl friends and have a bite to eat.

My doctor said I need to try and put a bit of weight back on so I have been indulging in a dish of ice cream now and then. Of course I can't eat all of this so need to share.

 I love to walk through my flower garden and dream of what I had hoped for this summer until I took ill after the surgery .. Below is what I imagine when I walk through my weeds this year. Ha!  

I have had to shop for a few new clothes since I dropped a couple of sizes. I wish I could pull this look off but not really my style..I can dream 

So I am looking forward to fall and feeling better and the urge to tear up the old and start new is calling. My cat Buffy is ready to. She wonders why I rest so much...of course that's her thing.

I hope everyone is able to find some relieve from the heat our country is having.  If you can check on a neighbor, relative or elderly to make sure they are okay. Lets remember what it meant to be a neighbor of years gone by  when everyone waved and said hello.
I know my niece Tammy in Kuwait is most likely wishing she was sitting on my deck with a book and enjoying a good book. I've make a picture of something cool for us to drink. flexible with changes in your plans.  ..maybe something new and wonderful will happen.  God Bless


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  1. Happy PS! Glad to hear you are doing better.. lovely pinks... and go for the ice cream!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Elaine!! I love your "pinks" and I sure hope you are feeling better!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sweet Elaine! Dearest, ENJOY YOUR ICE CREAM! ENJOY! And thank you for coming to leave a comment! YOU have been by my blog before? Oh do come again! Anita

  4. Shopping for new clothes and eating ice cream! That sounds like fun!
    I am so happy to have stopped by here's been too long!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Ciao Bella!


  5. That picnic table looks like it could be in your back garden! Maybe next year. I could use a cold beer and a good book on your deck right about now instead of being cooped up inside all the time. But as my post says today, I am a homebody, and I have accomplished a lot. Only one more week and I am back to school. How did your tests go the other day? Take care! Love ya, T

  6. Ice cream and new clothes sound fun...hope you are feeling better. Take lots of naps with Buffy! Happy Pink Saturday :)

  7. Such a lovely post! Glad to hear you are recovering... and don't worry about the weeds, they'll still be there next year (lol)...

  8. Ooh, pink lemonade? Looks delicious.

  9. Buffy??
    I am feeling ready for a fresh start myself .. I think that feeling always comes with me at fall... I noticed a few trees in town today that are already starting to turn. Glad you are feeling better mom.

  10. what a wonderful picnic setting, would to enjoy a lunch there...thanks for sharing and have a happy pink weekend.

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Elaine Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share today. I love the ice cream, strawberry is my favorite, and of course is there anyone who doesn't love pink lemonade? Does that ever hit the spot on one of these hot, HOT days we have all been experiencing? Sounds and looks delicious. Let me pull up a chair.

    Happy to hear that you are feeling better sweet friend, and recovering nicely. I too love that peasant look, but couldn't pull it off either. We can dream tho right?

    Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. You are in my prayers. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  12. wow these are beautiful! Here from Pink Saturday Link Up....

  13. These pinks are perfectly beautiful! Thanks Elaine for sharing such joy with us! Anne