Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's time for Blue Monday again

Folklore gave each moon a name according to its time of year. A moon that came too early had no folk name, and was called a blue moon, retaining the correct seasonal timings for future moons

The Farmers' Almanac defined blue moon as an extra full moon that occurred in a season; one season was normally three full moons. If a season had four full moons, then the third full moon was named a blue moon

This one reminds me of a halloween the cat

                                             Maybe a moon for lovers or for loves lost


                                                                Elvis Presley's Blue Moon

                        Of course there are other things with the title of blue moon. In the following pictures you will find some things that have the name blue moon.

Blue shoes 

Blue Moon yatach

Blue Moon ice cream

Blue Moon beer

There are many bars, hotels and restaurants with the name Blue Moon

            Be sure to visit Sally for more blue for today

                                                                         Have a nice week

PS:  My daughter-in-law is still very sore and stiff and in a lot of pain.  It will take her time to slowly heal from the accident


  1. I'll have some of that blueberry sherbet.

    Happy Blue Monday to you, Elaine!

  2. Nice selection of blue shots for us!

  3. Love your collection of blue moons. I love the blue moon sang by Elvis P. ^_^

    Blue Eyeball

  4. I love all the blue Elaine!Love the blue picture with the cat too.

  5. Loved all the Blue Moon's but that girl on the railing in high would not trust my clumsy

  6. Oh wow! These blues are incredible! I love that sherbet, the shoes, the blue moon, the blue moon beer (although I can only have one when I drink them! LOL) This was a terrific Blue Monday post! Thank you for sharing! Anne