Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today we rest

                            There is rest for the weary
                            And there's strength for the weak
                            That is what God offers
                             To those who humbly seek


 Take a lesson from our furry friends and get a little rest today. Below my cat has found her place to take a rest. My other cat usually finds a corner on my bed.

 Have a wonderful day friends


  1. Rest is exactly what I've been doing this summer. I didn't get any of the projects on my to-do list done. Only one more week, and it's back to school for me. Hope all is well! Love, T

  2. Sweet photos! My cat Charlie is curled up with me on the bed as I read blogs and rest! Take care and hope you are feeling much better soon.

  3. Hi there, thank you for your visit. Such cute pictures and I do love mu day of rest for sure! :D

  4. I definately rested on Sunday. I got up, took a hot bath and put my jammies back on.... watched a few movies..... today is back to work!

  5. Ohhhh what adorable photos! I love the bear. Cute as it is, I'd be a little afraid to try and take that photo :)

  6. Precious pictures... I need a day of rest ... :D thanks for the visit and so happy to see you back posting again... big hugs...

  7. I rested last night! Bad work day and worse migraine headache! Today I had my 2.14 mile walk and feel great! Love to you Anne