Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday tea invite

    In days gone by we were served our tea in those danity little flowered tea cups with saucers to match. Today is another story...my youngest daughter always wanted a mug for her tea or coffee. So if you stop by for a spot of tea , you won't find any little pretties in my cupboard. 

teacups inspire

 I hope that won't discourage you from stopping by . I love having friends come for tea and a friendly chat

I've heard that tea is liquid sunshine  so lets all have a cup today and lets hope it warms our hearts also. Blessing to all.


  1. Tea is served here in tiny glass cups but there's always refills. I'm a mug girl myself. Hope your day is good. I've been cleaning all the ding dong day and now I really, really need a shower. Love, T

  2. I love this post too! Tea is good for the soul! Makes you feel happy when you are sad and fills your cup with liquid sunshine for sure! Anne