Friday, April 20, 2012

Some of my pinks

   I have committed myself to cleaning out my bedroom this weekend ..the closets and even the goodies stored under the bed...  Why do I keep all these things?  That's what my kids ask me too.. They say "Mother, you have to much stuff ?"  They are right.    As we get older we need some young couples want everything their parents took years to acquire..     
      Before I let you see my pinks for today you must stop by our hostess Ms Beverly   from How Sweet the Sound and say hello.
   I'm sure she will be glad you stopped.

      Cleaning out a drawer I found these Boyd's bear pins I have been collecting.

                There are many more... some with kittens, others for
           Christmas.. These I will keep to pass on to the great granddaughters.

                Did you notice the background in the first picture?   I found this pretty little quilt at the thrift store for $2.00 and I use it when I sit in my recliner and read  on chilly mornings

   I found this book in a box under the bed along with a few others
that I have been meaning to read.    

There was also this old Avon container and it had some old jewelry in it.

I'm sure there are more little treasures  I have
forgotten were tucked away in drawers. ...
like this picture of my daughters when they were in high school..
It now has a place on my dresser.


 Goodnight to all  you night owls.  I sometimes have
trouble sleeping and spending time on the computer
when I should be asleep.

                              Time for a hot cup of chamomile tea to help me relax for
              a good nights sleep as I have lots to do this weekend.

                                     Have a wonderful weekend.     Please leave a comment.
     I would love to know you are out there and reading my blog.       


  1. Elaine as we get older we may NEED less but that doesn't seem to stop us collecting MORE. LOL! I had one of those Avon powder boxes myself a long time ago ... wonder what I did with it?? Love your bear pins, something cosy about bears I think.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Love your quilt!!!

    Oh yes, hooray for culling our *stuff.* I think we could do that, "till the cows come home" though, and still have *stuff* lying around our homes. ,-)

  3. Elaine- I see you have a good start...did you part with ANY of the stuff you showed here?;>) Just asking! I am on a mission to do the same thing as you-I need to sort out and give away~ xo Diana

  4. I have so much stuff too. But 90% of it belonged to my grandparents or my husbands grandparents. How do you part with things like that? Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. I love your pinks. And you know I have cleaned out my home so many times - but it just makes room for more. sandie

  6. Hope the clean out is going well. I need to do the same. I was just telling a friend the other day that we keep collecting stuff and what is it all for? If we were gone tomorrow, who would really care about the stuff? It seems much more reasonable to live a simpler life with everything in order. It's a work in progress, that's for sure. Hope all is well. Hugs and love, Tammy