Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Christmas tree helper

  This sweet yellow cat came to my home two years ago looking for food and he was so skinny.. I am an animal lover , as you might have guessed so I have adopted her.
 She is an inside -outside cat and comes as goes as she pleased but is always back at night for a warm bed inside and on a rainy day you will find her curled up in the recliner

  Today I am going to put my thrift store tree up. It is one that collapses into a round wreath for storage. It was $12.  and I know they cost  much money.  It needs a bit of sprucing up and some new ornaments.

 I don't know how much I will get done as my helper has her own
 ideas about where the beads of garland should go.

 My daughter Joy loved this big cat and would like to take it home with her. I had called it Buster but we learned it is a girl but a bit late to change her name now.

 Before I close I want to show some hand made ornaments that I bought at a yard sale for ten cents each.    I mentioned these in an earlier post so wanted to show some treasured needlework you don't see to much today.  There are many different kinds , so much work went into making these and then were discarded.. What old treasures.  There was a set that looked like Dorothy and her friends from the Wizard of Oz and I let my daughter Gwen take them and that is her favorite movie.

Here is a close up of the sweet little angel

 I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday   ..


  1. It makes my heart sad to think of the love, care, thought and time that went into making those ornaments! I am so happy YOU were the one to give them a good home and appreciate them!

    Love your tree and cat!

  2. Elaine, I love the photos on your blog header! It's so lovely! Guess what? I have a cat named Buster, too! I love cats! What a sweet helper you have there. That was a great deal on your tree and on the ornaments! They're so cute. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. I'm just stopping by random blogs today and checking them out. Also wishing you folk's a healthy and happy new years. Richard from an Amish community in Pennsylvania.

  4. I didn't know Buster was a girl. She is so pretty. I'm glad she is still there keeping you company. Wish I had a tree like that. I didn't put one up this year. Just never got to it and the more time that went by, it just didn't seem like it was worth the hassle of getting everything down from the storage area. Days are flying by and Christmas will be over before we know it, a whole new year just around the corner. Hope all is well. love, T

  5. I love the dog bone ornament! Also, what a pretty banner pic you have for the holidays!!!

    Now following you from Favorite Things Thursday.

  6. My sister has that same angel! Happy Holidays!

  7. so sweet, love them all, and your happy helper too thank you for sharing and for linking to Thursday Favorite Things blog Hop at Katherines Corner. Merry Christmas Hugs!