Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rocking chair and worry

Worry is like a rocking chair.  It gives you something to do, but never gets you anywhere.

As a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother I find myself worrying about family..from the oldest to the youngest and many a night I loose a little sleep over it.  I guess that's just my nature.

                                                           Don't worry-- be happy


  1. That is so true! I had never thought about that! Oh I know, we do worry, I feel like it's my job to worry! I am happy!

    Cute post.


  2. I love this quotation and have used it before. :) Worry certainly doesn't solve a thing. But as women, it's our nature to dwell and worry. I know I do! Hope you are having a great day. Much love, Tammy

  3. We are caretakers by nature and as such we worry. I have found that it does not do me any good. Here is a trick for sleepless nights. Start praying. It is better and more effective than counting sheep. You will fall asleep fast and by far will be a great antidote for worrying, cast all those worries into God's hands. Blessings, Marta.

  4. I agree it is our nature to worry.
    It don't get you anywhere, but we still can't help but do it.
    I also agree that we should put our worries in the hands of the LORD.
    He is my strength.
    have a worry free weekend.