Friday, January 15, 2010

Pencil holder and postage stamps

Many years ago I became interested in postage stamps but trying to collect all those that the postal service published was not possible and costly to say the least. I started saving them off letters I received and my sister and sister-in-law helped also. I would put the stamps in a bowl of water and after awhile the stamp would soak loose from the paper. When I had enough they would be glued on a container.

I have made several and when my niece Tammy was here one summer with her boys they each made a little box covered with stamps for their Mom. I didn't take a picture..should have.

I have saved some Christmas seals and plan on using them to cover future pencil holders.

A fun craft and not expensive to make.


  1. Cute, my kids did that years ago and had such fun.

  2. A good way to use all those free stamps you get in the mail. I've been saving stamps from all around the world and want to do picture frames and such with them. Couldn't remember how you got the stamps off the paper or envelope, so now I know. Does it matter what temperature the water is? I haven't been feeling very crafty lately so need to find some way to get the creative juices flowing. Hope you are having a great day. Love, Tammy

  3. Hi Elaine; I haven't been here in a while, and as always your blog is lovely. Once I made a photo frame out of cardboard, and glued stamps on it. I loved it, but my MIL was positively horrified! She thought I'd ruined the stamps.