Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter sales and winter lake

Although it was chilly today I wandered out to the hardware and picked up some suet cakes for the birds that was on sale. I then make a stop at the post office and on to Dollar General where their Christmas items were 70% off. I found these little miniature poinsettia for 30 cents each and some scrapbook stickers for same price. Everything Christmas was 70% off. The Christmas cards I looked through and found a buy on a box of them along with a leafy vine with berries that lite up. Great deals.
The two pictures below I downloaded from the web cam of our lighthouse and the pier.
As you can see Lake Michigan is very frigid and the ice is starting to build up from the waves. The lake has not frozen yet as you can tell by the water.

Hope all of you had a great Tuesday and were warm.


  1. Brrrrrrrrrr! Our river is starting to freeze over too.

  2. Hello Elaine
    Your scrapbook pages are so beautiful! What a lovely keepsake. Gorgeous photos - love the lighthouse and pier. Have a Wonderful Wednesday ♥

  3. Yowza! Those pictures are making me cold. We are still having such mild temperatures here. Haven't really had any winter weather yet. You found some great Christmas items on sale. I just can't seem to get in the mood to do very much. Should be cleaning and crafting. Getting together with Melissa tomorrow as her birthday is Monday and I've put nothing together for her yet. In fact, I still need to print the pictures from New York over the summer and make a scrapbook for her. I'm always putting things off. Wish I could get more organized. Stay warm! Love ya, Tammy

  4. Love the lighthouse photos - makes me want to take a brisk walk!