Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy squirrel with a crust of bread

This winter weather gives me the blues
but it doesn't discourage those living in the trees in my front yard.

It doesn't take much to make a squirrel happy in this cold weather.
Today I cleaned the cupboard and found some bread crusts.. and an old apple in the refrigerator. I threw them out by the tree and it didn't take
them long to come and have a feast.

I think how this would have been a feast for those who are hungry in Haiti. I am so glad they are finally getting some food and water and care they need. Watching the news on all those who are suffering and homeless can make one very depressed.

Hope all of you are ready for Pink Saturday. That should cheer me up


  1. I love the little squirrels and I'm so happy he had an apple to munch on. He's sure a cutie..

  2. The news of Haiti is very sad. There just aren't enough people able to help all those that are in need. Glad to see that you could feed the little squirrels. All God's creatures need nourishment and someone to care for them. Does your kitty still come around? I still feed several cats every day. They come running when they know I am coming and they certainly talk up a storm. :) I will be posting for Pink Saturday too so will check back in with you tomorrow. love ya, Tammy

  3. Those little squirrels love little bits of food we throw out for them. It's sweet of you to think of the forest critters. They need our help too.

    I hope the people of Haiti are finally getting the help they have so needed. It is al so sad.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I so appreciate it.


  4. Very kind of you to feed the squirrels, I am sure they will be back quite often to see you now. :-) The black squirrel is so pretty!

  5. Oh that's a great photo of the squirrel! How fun it is to get to catch them take the treats we leave!
    A lovely weekend to you ~ Thanks for your visit!