Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Poem for Friends

This evening I was busy addressing Valentine cards to the great grandchildren and loved ones.

I always like to try my hand and making a few cards for Valentine's day.

I do mine on a scrap blog site.. I wish

I could mae the old Victorian kind . These are a bit more modern.

Be with us in the circle of our love,
Even if by chance you are alone.
Our greetings we have hope your heart will move,
Uniting our good wishes with your own.
Remember there are those who think of you,
Vested in the will to be a friend.
As distant hills give depth to what we view,
Let these words some grace to your day lend.
Each life is lived behind a sheltering veil,
Not lifted but for love. Yet when we will,
There is a wind that shifts the rampart frail,
Invading with sweet scent the spirit still.
Now may we all enjoy this fragrance fine,
Each each other's secret Valentine.

Poem by
Nicholas Gordon

Below are some that I did . I use my printer to make post cards out of them.
My sister always likes to feel real mail
in her hands she said ...of course I am sending one to her.
( a small hint to those who might not be able to read my blog due to print
... go to view..hit zoom and enlarge print a size.
It's helps these old eyes of mine. ))

Looking forward to the next few days as I know there will be lots of
valentines and stories of romance I hope.. .

The key to loving how you live is knowing what it is you truly love.


  1. Beautiful Valentines, Elaine, especially the Stamp. I love getting mail. Happy Valentine's Day to you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Your Valentines are sweet - the recipients will all be happy!

  3. I love the Queen of Hearts images! I try to make Valentines to send also. It's fun to put creativity to work and make something beautiful.
    Have a grand weekend!
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. So glad I saw you at Beverly's Pink Saturday. ~Diane (I am #16)

  5. Hi Elaine! I sure enjoy your crafty cards! They are so precious. What a delight you are to know.