Friday, February 10, 2012

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine Day.

I had some little pink birds tell me it was close to Valentines day and I should watch my mailbox...maybe you should too.

I saw a few things while browsing the shops that caught my eye.

This is a little treasure that would look pretty on my dresser.

I also saw a tote bag that caught my eye

I have always wanted a pair of love birds....but I have an indoor-outdoor kitty and I'm afraid the birds would be to much of an enticement. I guess admiring them from afar will have to do.

When we think of valentine's day most of of think of romance and flowers and a box of chocolate.
I love a great movie romance and there are so many out there to watch. I've listed some of my favorites. ..some brought tears to my eyes and others left me with a warm fuzzy feeling . Do you have a favorite?

This picture was taken the day my daughter got married.
We had been married twenty five years at this time.

The picture below was taken five months before he passed away with brain cancer

Looking forward to reading the other pink blogs . Stop by and say hello to our hostess Beverly at

Warm hugs to all this pink weekend before Valentines day

Always be a little kinder than ncessary if love and things are to grow.
James M Barrie


  1. Such a great list of love movies!!

    I am so sorry for the loss of your husband...I'm glad that you had 43 wonderful years with him and it sounds like you have a wonderful family.

    God Bless You....Thank You for stopping by.


  2. I'm sure I've heard the story before of how you two met but had forgotten the details. So nice to hear it again and to see pictures. I like the postcards you are making and your new header. Hope all is well. A quiet weekend here while Sam is in Sri Lanka on business. Take care. Love, T

  3. Nope, don't think love birds and a kittie, would make a good mix. :-O

    It would be such a temptation for the kittie. And the poor birds would probably be very, very nervous, with kittie's attention.

    Nope. Think you'll have to collect some make-believe love birds.



  4. What a sweet post and precious memories. I came by to thank you for the beautiful Valentine post card you sent me. It was such a happy surprise. I'm so honored to have an actual postcard that matches your lovely blog banner.

    I love the quote at the end of your post and I know that you certainly live your life that way. Wishing you a warm and happy Valentine's day, friend.

    Love, Sherry

  5. Oh your family photos are beautiful! Such wonderful memories. Your husband was a handsome man! Your daughter a beautiful bride and your couple photo with your hubby is so lovely. I am very happy I know you! Blessings, Anne