Friday, January 13, 2012

Having His Way

     It looks like old Mr Winter talked Mother Nature into  giving  us some snow for those who have not had any this winter.. It was so pretty this morning.. I walked out to take several pictures and these bird houses caught my eye.    

    I have not seen many birds in my neighborhood as their are several outdoors cats around.

   This is my small lattic fence in the back garden by the grape vines.. It make a nice shot.

            My grandson will be have we have snow so he can use his
           ski bowl pass to for snow boarding fun.. 
            I'm sure those who earn money in the winter plowing driveways 
           and parking lots are happy to see some.. I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day..
                Warm wishes  for a nice day.


  1. Those were great photos but they do look so cold. We lucked out and the storm moved through but no snow. Hey
    It is cold here but we are to have a nice warm up for the weekend.Hey!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that your gs enjoys the snow.

  2. That's a good amount of snow! We have yet to really see any snow, even though we went up north for the holidays. Stay warm!

  3. It looks so cold! But then, it is freezing here! We are getting light snow and cold temps!