Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In Tribute To Harry Morgan

   Today at the age of 96 a much loved actor has passed away. We will remember him most for his role    as Col. Sherman Potter in "Mash" and also in Dragnet as detective Bill Gannon.


 He still lives on in memory and reruns.. 


  1. oh sad..we love Harry/Sherman...We watch mash reruns all the time...too much really. We can even repeat the lines before they say must also be a fan..
    Thanks for this tribute

  2. I didn't hear that - sorry to hear that. sandie

  3. He will be sadly missed as are all the great actors of that era.


  4. I hadn't heard of his passing. Living to the age of 96 is certainly an accomplishment; especially if you are healthy and sound right up to the end. I just googled him and found out he was born in Detroit and raised in Muskegon. I love all the old postcards you posted about - wow! Some of them are 100 years old. Absolutely amazing! Hope you are well. Love, T