Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pictures with a Vintage Look

 I have been working on photo albums the last year or so that I can give my grandchildren.. I have six of them so it has been an on going project . I have been working on pictures of my grand parents, .. parents.. the pass husband and I and so many family members. Lot of creativity going on. I love to scrapbook on line and save what I have done so I can then print the pictures for the books.    After my husband died I was at a loss and making pictures and remembering good times was a salvation for me. I want to show you some pictures  I have finished. I wanted them to look vintage and I think I accomplished that.  What do you think? 

              My grandparents and great-grand parents
        Below is my mother and her mother.

                   Forgive me for the crooked pictures as
                 I was tired when I scanned them.

This is one of my Mother-- my twin and I.  No we do not  look alike .    We are what they call fraternal twins.  I am the one on the right.

 My twin and I read for a sled ride. I remember we lived with my grandparents while my Dad was overseas during World War
     Below is another of my twin and I when a bit older 

        I have also been doing some fun photos of the grand children.  This is one of  the twins Molly and Cody 

            Their first day of school and graduation day.

   The next one is Jasmine another granddaughter


   By now I'm sure you are a bit tired of looking but I have one last to show and this is of the great granddaughter Naomi


 It is my hope that I can have the books done for Christmas but if not I will try to have one for their birthdays next year.  I have probably taken on more than I can chew as they say. Thanks for letting me share these with you.

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  1. Ahhh I love this~~~ and family photos are priceless:))

    Kay Ellen

  2. Love your phots! Thanks for sharing your great family! Joann

  3. Goodmorning Elaine!I adore all of your photos.Such precious keepsakes they are.Lovely grankids you have.Im waiting on them someday.I think you did a wonderful job.I would love to learn that myself.

    Blessings on this sunday to you!

    P.S. I think you really look like your mother in that first photo.

  4. What great memories in these photos!

  5. Good for you. What you are doing for your grandchildren is priceless, and they will be most appreciative in years to come.

  6. You are so creative!! I love the photos - every one! Your family will be over joyed with the books!

  7. Your album pages are wonderful and will make a lovely keepsake for you and your family! I love old photos...and the ones you've shared are absolutely precious!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  8. Elaine,
    This is such a wonderful project that you are working on, and years from now your loved ones can look at all of these special pictures. When my mom passed away, I was in charge of the pictures, and I am still gathering pictures and delivering them to all my family. I love pictures, as they have many beautiful memories attached. Your black and white photos are priceless.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  9. What a great project... love all the old picutres.. hope all is well are making a great keepsake for sure...