Friday, September 2, 2011

Pink Makes a Splash in these Sets

       This week I was at a lost of what to post .  Does anyone here know about Polyvore?   It is a site where you can be creative and use their elements or find your own.I have been playing around with it for some time now ..   just for fun,  so I decided to show you a few things I put together on it.

In love with pink

Of course I am just showing you the things  I made in pink. There are many more sets. Some funny ...different colors and themes.    It's fun to see what your imaganation comes up with.  (I for sure am no artist or designer.)

Cassy Pink

Pink's my color



pink romance

special lady

Pitcher Pink

  This is just a few of the pictures I  made .  You can see all my others at

 Hope you enjoy my show of pinks.

 Be sure to go by our hostess Ms Beverly who puts this all together every Saturday
 You can find her and the other pinks here


  1. Happy...Happy Pink Saturday..I pray that God will bless you all through out the coming week...
    your pinks are so pretty...
    God Bless You...
    These are very pretty..I wonder if you could use them for headers?

  2. Those are beautiful! i have never heard of polyvore. But..I think I may need to go check this fun site out.
    Have a very ahppy Pink Saturday.

  3. Those look really cool. I bookmarked it to go back later and play. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  4. I remember Gwen using Polyvore some time back but I've never played around with any of the digital imaging sites or programs. Hope you are doing well. We just got back this morning from Paris and I haven't slept much in the past 36 hours. I've wanted to nod off a time or two but am trying to stay up until at least 9 pm. We are off tomorrow but Monday it is back to school for me and the boys. I have tons of clothes to wash. Take care! Love, T

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, I love all of your ARTISTICALLY DESIGNED layouts! Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the visit. Linda

  6. That is quite a lovely collection of pinks. My most favorite is the last one with the teapot and hearts. Happy PS!

  7. I haven't heard of Polyvore, but I'm going there right now! Thanks for visiting my site ... and thanks for sharing such a neat post.

  8. Hello Elaine! Thanks for coming by my blog! I have heard of Polyvore but out here on the farm, our internet is a bit limited so I can't play with things like that very well. You sure put together some pretty sets, though! ♥

  9. I love these pinks! You really show off some pretties here.