Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday greeting.

        This little guy is having a ball playing in the snow but for some of us it's more like work than fun...We get out the shovel  or the snow blower and proceed to take care of the great white piles that Mother Nature has been so generous with.   One thing I don't see in yards of homes anymore is snowmen... Remember when we got bored ...our mom would send us out to build a snow man.   I am always tempted to make one when we get the wet  snow . It's best for rolling.

 Check out this giveaway that is being give away at Random Creativity

 Have a wonderful Sunday..may you be warm and safe


  1. Hi Elaine, Thanks for your comments and sharing in my celebration. I'm one of your new followers too. Thanks for posting my give away.

  2. Hi Elaine,
    I just popped over to say "hi!" Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.
    I am so thrilled over Linda's celebration!!

  3. What cute cards they are. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Oh I have always loved to be out playing in the snow, and I love snow sculptures; with the obvious exception of the pornographic art some of my neighbors like to build in their front yards.


  5. Hello Elaine...Hope your day was great. I enjoyed a solo day trip, visit to Trader Joe's, my favorite thrift store, and my favorite greeting card store. Had FUN! Susan

  6. So true about the snowmen! I used to make them with Jamie, but now kids stay inside with their gadgets.