Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new chair

 This morning I had to go to the grocery store .. I decided to go by the one local thrift store and this old yellow chair was sitting out front and they wanted   $2.99 for it..  I thought it would look nice in my flower garden..Don't you agree?

      We had quite a thunderstorm last night .  The road in front of my place was flooded because of debris in the sewer drains.  Did you notice I forgot to take off the sale sticker..I was in a hurry to see how it would look tucked in between the flowers.  Hope everyone is having a sunny day.


  1. I love that chair! It's so bright and beautiful. What a lovely addition to the garden. Can't believe it was only $2.99. Hope you have better weather today. Love, Tammy

  2. That little chair looks so cute in your garden.


  3. It looks fabulous in your garden. I have been wanting a chair and this one is so special. The back is amazing, like a trellis!!

  4. Oh Elaine, what a great buy, I can't believe it!! I just love yellow and that bright little chair looks adorable in your garden!

    Happy I found your blog!