Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My tea cup

I wanted to have tea today but it seems that all my cups are being used.   I guess that's what happens when you sleep in...

I hope the water is not to hot for these little guys

This little cat looks like the stray I took in...he might also be my niece's cat who had come to visit

Tiny pigs the size of tea cups are the latest pet craze sweeping across Britain

 Looks like I'll have to have my tea in a plain old mug.

 Tuesday well wishes  for all my blooger friends


  1. Yay..what super fun-spirited post!! Gorgeous photos..i want alittle piggie..so sweet!
    Have a happy day!

  2. Hi Elaine

    What cute pictures.. I enjoyed the smiles they brought to me....I also sent you a email about my ATC swap you were interested in..not sure you received this...if note leave a note and we will try again...

    Have a great day...so happy you got to sleep in..http://deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com

  3. What a darling post, Elaine ;)

  4. this is a fun, adorable post! my hats off to you!

    where on earth did you find such small piglets? lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. So sweet! Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday. I'm so confused. I thought it was Wednesday all day long :) Love ya, Tammy

  6. LOL...that is just too cute! Thanks for your visit :D

  7. hi Elaine...I sent you info again to the address you sent to me.....if your didn't recieve it try your junk mail I got her lots for some reason...lol..thanks for joining my swap...

  8. This is a very sweet and cute post.

  9. Elaine,
    This post is just too cute!!

    So glad you came by my place and signed up to follow.
    Now I know where you are so I can enjoy your place too.=)


    barbara jean