Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Greeting from Elaine

Today is the day I need to really think about how I will spend my Christmas allowance, decorating ,baking holiday treats and getting out the christmas cards. Only twenty-four more days and they will fly by.
So much that needs done and I do not want to be in a state of confusion. -running here and there. Soo.. one week at a time and it will get done with time in between for fun .

I was able to get in a little shopping last week with my daughter Joy. I bought mainly for the granddaughter Molly, her husband Mike and baby Naomi who are here for a Thanksgiving visit and last goodbyes before they go back to Georgia. Mike is to be shipped to Iraq the middle of
December and I know he will be missed by wife and daughter.

A favorite stop was Bath and Body Works--we always come out smelling soo good.

We also made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and Victoria's Seceret ,along with the craft store Hobby Lobby.

A few decorations have come down from the attic and I have a few scattered around the house. My daughter Gwen has a big head start on me..she always loved the holidays, hectic as they are for her. One of our favorite things to get us in the Christmas mood was to take the Christmas holiday tour of the older homes around our town. Always fun to see how others decorate for Christmas

Slowly I have started
Standing guard are my wooden bears as you enter my kitchen

Blessings for the day and

Let calm reign in your home this holiday season and lets all enjoy and old fashion Christmas.


  1. I like that attitude! I also need to head into Christmas and work it one week at a time to make sure the important things get done. I want to make sure I have time to enjoy Christmas this year.

  2. Christmas is not supposed to be stressful but lots of people make it that way. Simple is better. I plan to make and bake as many things as I can, with little things bought here and there. One day at a time -- it'll be here before we know it. And I am not organized -- although it might look that way. My house is usually more of a mess than I would like. I do what I can when I can. I'm sure all the older homes are just beautiful decorated for the holiday season. Have a grea day and relax! Love ya, T (ps I love Bath & Body works -- we only have Body Shop around here) :)

  3. Glad to hear you got in some shopping last week. Love those little bears standing guard. Your blog is coming along beautifully .