Thursday, October 22, 2009

New decorating touches

I have been telling my niece Tammy that I was painting and she wanted pictures so here they are...

Picture below is my newly painted steps coming in from outside. It almost looks like a rug. I friend asked me where I got it.. This area gets a lot of foot traffic. I was worried about my cat going to her litter box before the paint dried but she was good and I didn't see any little foot prints with paint.

The next two pictures shows my new wallpaper border in bedroom and my new pink storage units . My daughter Gwen helped me put this border up--it takes two for the long pieces in this room.

My guest bath room was looking shabby also so I painted the ceiling white and painted the walls light blue and added this border. I need to have a few pictures and then it will be finished
The rooms have all taken on a little different look and it looks fresh and clean.
Tammy knows I am a clutterbug so have tried some different ways to handle it by buying some storage containers.

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