Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Indian summer day

An Indian summer day is with us and so I have been spending time outside raking and enjoying what few flowers I still have left. Rain will arrive again tomorrow and the temps will get cold so I need to get as much done as possible.
Below is a minature rose bush in the flower garden still trying to bloom .
This little guy is hiding in the leaves and hoping I don't notice him but I did and he went in the shed until next spring.
Below green barn.
Year ago my husband put up this barn in the back yard and it was painted red with white doors. It started to look shabby and needed some TLC so, I replaced some wood and had the grandson give it a coat of paint. I had the grandson paint some old shutters white and hung them on the black doors for accent. Notice the blanket of leaves on the ground
This little guy is my great-grandson . His name is Ryder Lee and he is five months old. Yesterday I watched him while his parents could attend their courses at the college. He is starting to be lots of fun but is real cranky before he takes his nap.

Have a good day whereever you are. Hope you have some sunshine to enjoy.

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