Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Pink Halloween

A safe and happy pink Halloween to all of you. Need to wear pink for today. Here is a cute pink tee shirt. Below are a few of my pink treasures for today

This old Jack and Jill magazine has a pink cover and I've had it for years. It is dated 1950 and cost twenty-five cents that year. I always looked forward to receiving this in the mail. I believe we also used them in the classroom. This little heart shaped box I made years ago to store little treasures. It is very dainty and I love the flower and ribbon combination on it.
My cat " Miss T" has a few pink treasures to. She wanted to help me decide what I
should do with hair and makeup for tonight.


  1. Love your pink stuff and happy to hear you too are a Serial Collector. We have to stick together, it is a hard sell! If you know what I me! Have a great Halloween, and stay safe. Blessings, Martha

  2. And right back at you!! BOO!! I love your post today, the box is so pretty, Happy Pink SAturday and Happy Halloween, Char

  3. Very nice pink things and a sweet Halloween kitty! Happy Pink Halloween to you too. :) Nancy

  4. Happy PS and have a great Halloween weekend! You found some pink for Halloween : )

  5. I love the pinks you found to share with us this week. I hope you had a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  6. Love your box.
    Happy Pink Saturday!!!
    Happy Halloween!!!