Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pink Saturday Greetings


I remember my childhood

I remember my childhood
Whenever I am in the mood

I remember my childhood
With the bad and the good
I remember my childhood
With the variety of available junk food

Funny, the old want to be young
While kids endeavour to be old and strong
Girls wanted to grow up fast as women
Boys wanted to grow up fast as men
Before they could walk right or learn

Those were good times
With very little crime
We had fun with little a dime
How is that for a rhyme?

Mum would call us for biscuits and cakes
While we played games and learnt from mistakes
We all went anxiously to school
To see what best pranks any of us could pull

I remember my childhood
I was always polite and not rude

I remember my childhood
If I could then you should

We as kids all had dreams
Which we shared as a team
We all loved to rock but hated homework
I mean what was the point of so much paperwork

And what is really bizarre
Is that I was always after
The bedtime stories from Mama and Papa
I also enjoyed the view of the nightly stars from afar
Same way I loved presents at Christmas and Easter

Mama always used to say
A gift no matter how little will lift anyone’s spirit any day

I remember my childhood
And the adventures in the woods

I remember my childhood
With all the includes and excludes

I remember my childhood
And till today there are still things I've never understood

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi
                                         Happy weekend to all who visited


  1. Beautiful poem and picture!!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  2. Oh what a pretty, pretty coullage pic. (Spelling of coullage????)

    Mmmmm, what's going on in your life, my Dear? I know, none of us think that what goes on in our lives, is exciting or blog worthy.


    Sharing little stuff in our life, is like chatting over the back fence, with a neighbor. Except this neighbor is one, in "Pretty Blog Land." And reading each other's blog entries, is like that friendly chat.

    Daily happenings don't have to *wildly exciting* to be enjoyed, by our Blog Friends. After all, we are all living pretty simple lives. At least, we HOPE we are! Who wants to live a hell's-a-poppin' life???? NOT I. :-)

    "Long ago--say thirty-five years ago--a little girl used to wake on Sunday morning feeling that a whole life of happiness lay before her in the day."
    ~~From an excerpt from "Three Houses," Angela Thirkell's 1931 memoir

  3. Elaine, I just found your blog and wanted to say hello. The poem causes me to remember my childhood and all the good and memories of growing up in a loving family. Thanks for sharing the poem and pretty picture.
    Come by my blog sometime to visit. --------- Shannon

  4. A lovely poem and beautiful vintage photo! HPS!