Friday, May 25, 2012

A birthday celebration

Joining the 4th birthday celebration of Pink Saturday

Blogging has brought much into my life.. On any day you can find words of wisdom and words of encouragement. A new recipe or a few wonderful craft ideas.. Perhaps you are looking for some books to read or looking for pictures of beautiful flowers and Saturday has so many to share. You will connect with people from all walks of life and different countries. They share their stories of life ..the joy and the pain.. They lift up prayers when you need them . If you are fortunate enough you will make some new friends as I have. So please stop by Ms Beverly's and join the 4th birthday celebration.
Let's not forget this is memorial Day weekend. Please remember to thank those we has served this nation so we can enjoy the freedom's we have today.


  1. Happy Anniversary to all you Pinkies!!! I agree-blogging is the best! xo Diana

  2. I love your collages! Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Hi Elaine, Thank you for sharing your blogging thoughts. I love your header image. Beautiful purple. Happy Memorial Day weekend and Pink Saturday.

  4. HPS! 4th Year!!!

    It is very nice meeting you! Hello from Toronto, Canada!


  5. Yes, blogging is wonderful thing!

    And you have made a sweet post, celebrating Pink Saturday.

    Oh yes, let always remember... "All gave some, Some gave all."

    "If you have a garden and a library,
    you have everything you need."

    ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Lovely post.