Sunday, April 1, 2012

A litte chocolate humor

  Today is April Fool's day.  Hope you all stay prank free...I know sometimes we get our best laughs and memories from them.    I once gave my brother in law a calculator that squirted water..  Ha!!


                          Have a nice day and remember to share your smiles


  1. I have seen this before but I laugh right out loud like an idiot every time I see it again- Happy Sunday-xoDiana

  2. Now, this is a cute April Fool's Day post.

    I don't like April Fool's Day myself, so I'm boycotting it. -gigggles-


  3. Thank you, Elaine for the LOL!!! Not my first of the day, but the best bally laugh! *elaine*

  4. This is so funny and sweet! Ha Ha! I love biting those bunny ears off! The chocolate ones I mean! LOL!