Friday, October 7, 2011

Pink Saturday Again

Warm wishes for a beautiful pink weekend .
  Today I visited my friend Nancy and we talking about old times and houses we had lived in. She was talking about an old pink bathroom.  I don't remember any  but she said pink  was an in color back in the 50's and 60's... I came home and decided to surf the web and found quite a few old advertisements from those years.    The ads came from Kohler, Sears and also Crane.  Today we think of pink as a girl color most of the time.  So a look back  to another era of pink  bathrooms is my blog for this Saturdaywhen it was the color for everyone.  

                                This ad from 1959

                                           from 1960

                              This is an ad from the Sears store

                                        This is an ad from Crane for a bathroom

 Another Kohler ad from 1961

 Below is a few sentence's from an article I read.

Pam Kueber, at Retro Renovation, estimates that:

…some 5 million pink bathrooms went into the 20 million+ homes built in the United States from 1946-1966… 1 in 4 — at minimum — mid-century homes had a pink bathroom.
She quotes a 1958 Electrical Merchandising that said: "If forced to pick one color as leading this year, most industry men say pink is tops."


     Remember to stop by the site of our hostess for a list of today's pink.

  Do any of you bloggers remember having  a pink bathroom?  Leave me a comment..would love to know your thoughts on this..


  1. Wow, you really took us back in mother in law still has a pink bathroom, oh yeah! ))smiles))

  2. Thanks or the trip down memory lane!!!
    I remember we had a blue bathroom like these :)
    Have a happy pinky pink Saturday :)

  3. Loved the trip back in pink time.

  4. I don't remember pink bathrooms either. These ads are a great find!

  5. Such pretty pinks! My daughters boyfriend has a grandma that has an original turquoise bathroom completer with matching toilet from the 1950s!
    HPS to you although I am late today!