Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vintage Creations Done by My Daughter with a new Header

   I have a new header and my daughter did it several years ago
            Today I want to show you some creations done by my daughter Gwen a few years ago when we found Scrapblog. We both found it was a great way to create pictures of our children and grandchildren. Gwen always had the artistic talent and she made so many pretty ones that I asked her if I could save them. I think she has probably forgotten all about these.  For those of you who don't know my daughter Gwen does the blog   I am so proud of the lovely lady she has turned into and of the artistic way she does things and the way she has with words.       The following pictures  she made about five years ago.   The first one you will notice has turquoise in of her favorite colors.    
  I also want to mention I have two other children a son James who works for Mercy hospital and a daughter Joy who works for RAMiller  .. I am pround of all my children and grandkids.






    Below are some of the pictures I made of the great=Grandchildren   I am forever putting together collages of their pics. I also did one of Gwen which she hasn't seen and I tried my hand at a few tags.

  Below are the tags I made.   Gwen and I have a lot in common in the things we enjoying doing.Thrift stores, shoppin , creating somr crafts amd more.

lite blue tag


Thank You
 elaine136 on

  I hope you enjoyed looking at Gwens' lovely works of art and that you will visit her blog.

   Come and vist with us anytime ..we love to hear from friends

Have  good Thursday  


  1. She is very talented. You have some great future headers there too.

  2. Oh these are just adorable Elaine,so cute.I especially love the Oh the places you will go.I like your new banner today as well.I cant help but love that red too.I dont know if you know my blog real good Elaine but I love changing the backgrounds all the time.Almost everyday lol.So I see why you two have this little hobby,its so fun.

    Happy Thursday to you!

  3. absolutely love...who has no imagination...I would love to be able to wear that vintage look!
    Cute apple juicer drinker!!!! I have 7 it!
    cheers, dana

  4. Yay..such talent, everything is so beautiful and charming and magical..wonderful!
    Her blog is great!!

  5. I vaguely remember some of these. I was thinking what a great new header and then surprise! I made it. Thanks for all the sweet comments... I have always thought I got my creative gifts from you mom.

  6. Your daughter is very talented. I really like the new header. I have been trying to find a new header that will fit but I have not had any luck.

  7. I like the header. Very fallish. I remember some fo those pages she made. I never even get onto scrapblog anymore. Used it for my headers but haven't changed it in a while. with all the blogger problems, I'm afraid to change anything on my blog. :/ Hope your day is great. Love, T