Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dabbling with old pictures

. I have so many boxes of pictures not to mention what I've stored on my computer. I want to pass along some of the older ones with family to my children and grandchildren.  I have been playing with some computer sites to make them more antique looking and here is a few I've made.  The one below is my twin and I sitting on the fenders of Dad's car. They don't make car fenders like that anymore.

                     This is a picture of my grandmother  on the left and on the right my mother.

   Below is a picture of my twin sister and I when little and one taken on graduation day....over fifty years ago. Wow has time flown!

                                 I am the one on the left and my twin is on the right.
 My mother or grand mother gave us matching manes.  Elaine Pearl  and Eileen Beryl. Growing up we thought our names odd and a bit different but we have grown accustom to them now.

Let me know what you think of them.. I'd love to see some comments.

 Later I will post more.
  Have a wonderful day. For those in the path of the storm coming up the east cost ..heed the warning and be safe. God bless


  1. I am your first comment.:) Love the picture of you two on the car.

  2. I love them! Do you have photoshop? I use the free things on picnik but am thinking of upgrading and making better pictures. I am pretty sure I can do these on my own.....without any help from my daghters! Sometimes I like to impress them~

  3. I love the vintage look of your layouts. In that last picture of you, I see a bit of Joy when she was younger. Hope all is well. Love, T