Monday, April 11, 2011

A posting from my other blog

 I meant to post this on this current blog and put it on my old one.....wanted to share it again.

Today is a lovely spring day here so far. I walked around the yard which is brown yet and I saw these violets blooming.. a delight to my soul that spring is coming our way.


I finally took my Christmas wreath off the front door ( we don't use it much) . How many of you forget to change small things like that?  So I had this beaded green wreath that was pretty sad looking and I was going to throw it away and decided to recycle it. I added some pretty pink flowers to it and sat the bunny on it for Easter.

 I know it is to rain this evening and we really need it.  I can sit with a blanket and a book in my chair and enjoy it. 

Rainy Season Scraps, glitter, and pictures

 Wishing everyone a lovely day.

 As I said earlier  Surgery tomorrow and I will have lots of time to read


  1. Good luck on your surgery.
    I love the rain coming down photo.
    We got a brief shower on Saturday but we need the moisture. They say it could freeze here at the end of the week.
    Have a nice day

  2. Hope everything goes well tomorrow and you'll be in my prayers. Lovely post.

  3. Best wishes to you. I am glad you reworked the other wreath. It looks very nice on our door.

  4. Prayers and best wishes on your surgery.


  5. I asked Gwen to let me know how things went yesterday but have heard nothing. WE have a dust day here ... no school, although I went in for several hours this morning. Hope all is well. Love, Tammy

  6. You post the sweetest things. I love looking at the rain in the window. Anne