Friday, December 24, 2010

A star leads the way

The Wise Men

They called us "fools" to start away On such a mad adventure, led By this brilliant star which heralded the Christ. They said we had been studying too much astrology...we needed rest to bring us to ourselves again..Instead of this mysterious quest.

The journey was both hard and long, even the beasts were glad to rest while we were in Jerusalem. We had decided it was best to make inquiry, there about the star....the new born king. The news would be known in this bustling town if one were born "King of the jews". one seems to know about the new star or the new born king. But herold called us, secretly.after the priestly gathering, and sent us on to Bethlehem, to search for Him

And...on our way the star appeared again,to guide us to the place the young Child lay. He is in truth,the new born King!. When we beheld Him, we forgot how mean is the abode, how poor the swaddling clothes. The gifts we brought of gold and frankincense and myrrh, now seem of very little worth. Yet...we present them to the Babe, and fall in homage of His birth.

Warned in a dream that Herod plans death for the Child instead of praise, we plan to make the journey back to our far home by devious ways. There, surely, we face ridicule, and jeers at the tale we will tell. But.. we have found the Infant King, and knelt before Him! All is well!

They called us "fools" to start away on such a mad adventure, led by this lone brilliant star which shone above the Christ Child's head!

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  1. Elaine this was a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it as well as the beautiful photo. You are one talented lady and you make a fellow blogging gal happy! Thanks for sharing. Anne