Thursday, September 30, 2010

This cat used a life

This cute cat has only eight lives left. He used up one when he fell from the attic landing ..bounced down the stairs and hit the cement floor and "not" a chip on him. I'm so glad as I think this yard sale plate is adorable.

I had gone to the attic to look for some fall decorations for my kitchen window. My children always tell me not to go up there unless someone is here. They are afraid I'm the one who will bounce down the stairs and i won't land as gracefully I'm afraid.

Here is a little preview of the window so could change in the next few weeks.
. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday.


  1. That is one very cute plate so glad it didn't break! I know I have to be careful on stairs cause I fall so easily! Cute window display!!

  2. wow that is do a great display...glad the plate made it thru is very cute.

    enjoy the holiday

  3. What an adorable kitchen window display!!

    Glad both you and your kitty plate are ok!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. Wow! What a change from your summer window. Looks great! And I'm sure you have the weather to match the decor. We are still hot and steamy here. :/ Have a great weekend. Love, Tammy

  5. Your fall window is very welcoming! Thank you so much for visiting and leaving me a comment!

    Happy Fall!
    Dana and Daisy