Thursday, June 3, 2010

In memory of Rue McClanahan

In memory of Rue McClanahan who passed away this morning of a stroke at the age of 76.
We could never get enough of her on "Golden  Girls".. She was full of laughter and fun.

She will be missed by her family and fans.

 McClanahan had undergone treatment 
 for breast cancer in 1997 and later lectured to                
 cancer support groups on "aging gracefully."
 In 2009, she had heart bypass surgery


  1. Oh I feel so bad, I really loved her. She will be missed. Terri

  2. I did not know she had passed. I loved her on the show too. Now only Betty is left... she seems to be going full steam ahead.

  3. I will miss her. She was so good on the Golden Girls, then after that she went on to make tv movies. Now that makes the 3 stars to pass away in a weeks time. First was Gary Coleman, Dennis hopper and now Rue. I hope there will be no more deaths very soon. It's bad to watch all the stars of our youth passing away. Kay

  4. I did not know she passed on! I am sad! Such a funny lady and so nice also. She will be missed!

  5. NO!I did not know.I am calling my sister as I type this.We used to watch Golden Girls for hours together...and, oh how she made me want to retire somewhere warm, with my best friends...and be BLANCHE!Gosh, my heart is breaking:(

  6. We have lost some beauties lately. I loved her too. Looks like Betty White is holding on pretty good.

  7. Oh my gosh I hadn't heard either. Sad day. She was so funny. sandie

  8. I didn't hear about her passing. The news has been about Gary Coleman. That poor guy had such a hard life after Different Strokes. Love those pretty plates in your previous post. Wishing you all the best for a beautiful day. Love, Tammy

  9. I loved the Golden Girls and she was my favorite. She will be missed.