Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A future gardener

As some of you know I had my great-granddaughter Naomi with me for a few days while her mother and other Grandma had a garage sale at my place.  
        I was mixing soil  to re- pot some plants and left my bin unattended for a few moments when I saw little Miss Naomi was wanting to help also.

I think she has the hang of mixing

            As you can see she  managed to do this without getting any dirt on herself.
           She is quite the explorer and you need to watch her every minute.

                                         As for the garage sale .. they didn't do as well as they had hoped. There was still some of glassware left on the table and some other things.    Myself, I try to have them in July and August when there is tourist in town.  They needed to have this one now as Grandma Bev was moving.
Of course I bought a few things  for myself , which I will post later.  Don't we always buy something when we see what our friends or family is selling?

 They also had these chairs for sale that came from a casino up north... they are still in my garage

                       I will say they are very comfy....but then the casino owners want you to be comfortable when you are sitting at the slot machines  giving away your quarters.  
              This weekend is to be nice and warm so I think I will try to find some bargains at the sales.

                                       Blessing to all who read this.



  1. Hi Elaine, Thanks for stopping at my blog and for your comment. No, I haven't been to Scrapblog but I'll check it out tomorrow! I just love the look of the open book, hopefully I'll find it somewhere online! Your granddaughter sure is a cutie patootie too! Such a little helper! How old is she? Madison turned one on Easter Day! My first grandbaby, and I'm loving every minute of it! Suzie

  2. Naomi is a cutie! And lucky you receiving a great little giveaway package with items for your garden. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Love, Tammy

  3. What a cute little gardener.

  4. Cute little gardener! She needs to come help me!

    What a grand array of garage sale items! I just love shoppping with thrify in mind!

    Great items!

    Have a great week, I can't understand why I was not following you! I think we fall off this blogspot sometime! Perhaps too many of us trying to get on at once! Have a good weekend! Anne

  5. What a cute little helper you have