Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chickadee in Church

This afternoon I was walking around the yard and enjoying the sunshine. 
 I happen to look at the church birdhouse and saw a bird fly in... so I waited and  it flew back out.
  What better place to raise your family then in church.

April showers bring May flowers but we have had very little rain in this area

  Here is my friend frog who is watching over things when I'm not able.
   Happy gardening fellow bloggers


  1. That little church birdhouse is soooo cute. Where did you get it? Just adorable! What a perfect place for a little bird family. I see froggy is doing a fine job of watching your garden grow. WE have dust and everything is drab and dirty. I just hate weather like this. I miss green and trees and flowering things. Love ya and hope all is well, Tammy

  2. Such a sweet home for your feathered friends!
    Fun post~ :)

  3. Ohhh, I love Chickadees :D

  4. Your church birdhouse is so cute, and we know His eye is on the sparrow, and of course, on the chickadee and happy to say, upon us.